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40 weeks

You know what takes a long time? A baby.

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Baby countdown: 5 days

You’d think a hormone called relaxin would do nice, relaxing things for you, but as it turns out that’s not the case at all. My right hip has been relaxed to the point where the joint is all out of … Continue reading

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must we increase our bust?

In case anyone is looking, this is a terrific place to buy a nursing bra (El Camino Hospital in Mountain View). It was amazing, the woman fitting me didn’t even bother with the measuring tape, she just looked at my … Continue reading

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belly and button

jon is also able to post pictures. the belly button picture is mostly becasue Ryan has a flatty. or whatever you would call it when a navel is at perfect equilibrium between inny and outty. as yet, no signs of … Continue reading

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Baby countdown: 15 days

IMG_0219.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Baby ETA: 15 days Mood: mildly panicked However, I will shortly be heading over to Roosevelt’s Nails for a pedicure, which should help. (I wasn’t previously aware that Roosevelt was known for his nail care.) … Continue reading

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14 weeks

14 weeks Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Just by way of comparison, here’s the belly at 14 weeks. I’m glad I have this picture because it’s hard to remember what it felt like to move around without waddling.

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