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where's the baby?

IMG_0671.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Not only did Nathan have all sorts of developments in the playing with toys and making noises departments this weekend, I also took a major step in leaving the house without the baby. Jon and … Continue reading

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baby go walkies

IMG_0674.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Nathan’s first trip in the Jon-powered bjorn was a total success. He looked around and made cute little noises and was generally adorable and happy the entire time. Jon appreciated both the snuggly nature of … Continue reading

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and he was still hungry…

IMG_0661.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Among the things that Nathan has communicated with his new, improved crying skills… I’M REALLY HUNGRY MOM!!!! Nursing is so weird. For one thing, you can’t tell how much he’s eating, other than by estimating … Continue reading

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revenge of the bottlemonster

Nathan is definitely setting new marks for cheeriness and happiness. After a fairly rough last week, this weekend he’s been mostly very smiley, very playful, and seems to enjoy hanging out with me. He’s got a new trick, making silly … Continue reading

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hush pretty baby

IMG_0646.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Look at that strong baby! He was performing an intense series of baby pushups, and I brought out the mirror to provide motivation. Truthfully, I don’t think it did much, he was pretty much focused … Continue reading

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but I don't wanna get up!

IMG_0647.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. After Nathan wakes up in the morning (usually between 6 and 7), Jon usually spends some time playing with him after I’m done feeding him. This lets him have some time with a happy baby … Continue reading

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See the halibuts and the sturgeon…

10 points, redeemable for handsome prizes, for the person who knows the next line. Bueller? This post is not, strictly speaking about Nathan (crowd: boo), but it is about how daddy finds new and exciting ways to help out … Continue reading

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IMG_0627.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. This cute little gesture is new, and I love it. He’s doing cute little human things with his hands! He’s totally learned how to play, which is awesome. I know that everyone told me that … Continue reading

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flying solo

imcoming.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Jon is out tonight at Harmonics Spring Show, so I was on my own tonight. As he was leaving, he reminded me of the last time he went out on a Friday. Nathan was less … Continue reading

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So, this is how we roll. Or rather, this is how he rolls. For the first time, unassisted on a flat surface. I should point out that he rolled over with a miniscule amount of help from Leigh last week … Continue reading

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