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bjorn.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Facing out in the bjorn was even nore successful than the sling He was never very happy facing in with me, I think because it’s less snuggly than the sling and the arm straps totally … Continue reading

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feel the burn

sotired.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Another recent step he’s taken along the road to crawling is butt lifts. He suddenly started doing this a week ago when on his stomach. He’ll plant one foot on the ground under him and … Continue reading

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Little monkey

sling.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Look how long his arms are! His head is still a tiny bit wobbly in this position, but he wants to look around so badly I’ve started carrying him like this for short periods of … Continue reading

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Baby giggles

happyman.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Not only does he smile now, he also giggles and shrieks with tiny baby joy. And of course we are willing to do any ridiculous thing to get more of this reaction. Jon favors the … Continue reading

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Throoooow the baby away!

flyingbaby.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Finally, I have a functional computer! Of course, now I am having difficulties with my camera, which I need to call and yell at Canon about because obviously the world will stop spinning if I … Continue reading

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The Amazing Colossal Baby

mst3k.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Ok, so he’s wearing the sweater backwards (sorry, Sara!), but how awesome is this? I have an MST3K nerd baby! We’ve been spending the last week saying things like, “He’s so big! How did he … Continue reading

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A very messy affair

First of all, let me say what an honor it is to be the first non-parent to blog on I hope that my story will justify this special treatment. On Tuesday afternoon I drove down the peninsula to visit … Continue reading

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Still no computer, but I did finally have time to look at the pictures Leigh took while Grammy and Mom and Dad were visiting. Best. Outfit. Ever. Leigh designed and sewed this herself, of course (although she started from a … Continue reading

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A child after the side of my own heart

I like to sleep on my side. Prefereably a little more towards my stomach, leaning on (2 or 3) pillows. Actually, I have a really tough time falling asleep any other way. The little guy’s preferred sleeping position was on … Continue reading

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rotten apple

My laptop returned from Houston a few days ago. I started it up, delighted to hear the happy Mac startup chime, only to discover that the display was damaged in transit. So now I’m shipping it BACK to Houston, where … Continue reading

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