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so moist

droolclose.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Hi! I have drool on my chin! Do you want to give me a hug? How about letting me chew on your shoulder? Or smack you in the neck repeatedly?

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Almost crawling

almostcrawl.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. A little illustration of Leigh’s dramatic story below. I think we’ve mentioned that he’s a very moist baby. That is, in fact, a string of drool stretching between his chin and the floor. We had … Continue reading

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Latest News from the Crawling Front

Yesterday we were having a garden party (which consists of Nathan wriggling around a sheet on the front lawn with a bunch of toys, periodically stopping to watch cars drive by, while some combination of adults sits nearby and coos … Continue reading

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My Carter's washcloth keeps me cool

IMG_0917.JPG Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Doesn’t this look like an advertising photo? The solid background in a nice contrasting color, the centrally placed brand name, the incredibly adorable baby… he could be a star! Actually, we were discussing what casting … Continue reading

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bouncy bouncy

bouncer.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. We think he really likes the bouncy seat now. Last time he was a little unsure, but this weekend he smiled, examined the straps, turned back and forth, and kicked very happily. We had a … Continue reading

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busy weekend

drool.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. So what did you do this weekend? See a movie, clean out the garage, grill some burgers? Yeah, Nathan has been learning how to crawl, sit up, speak consonants, and press buttons. It’s a busy … Continue reading

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time for second breakfast

chair.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Aside from being far too tall and not nearly hairy enough, Nathan is not unlike a hobbit in his eating habits. His schedule looks something like this. Breakfast at around 7, second breakfast around 8:30, … Continue reading

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World's Messiest Baby

As I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now, Nathan is always quite a damp baby and as you may recall from my earlier post I’ve already had some experience with his capacity for making a big, huge mess. Today, however, … Continue reading

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Kareem Abdul JaBaby

We had a nice trip to the doctor’s yesterday. Well, nice until the point when the nurse stuck Nathan with a bunch of needles and made him miserable for the next 24 hours. We’ll get to that in a bit. … Continue reading

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eatfoot.jpg Originally uploaded by pilatfamily. Our bedtime ritual is becoming more consistent, and also more fun (for me, at least, and hopefully for Nathan as well). Usually we start around 6, maybe a little after. I give him his bath, … Continue reading

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