num nums

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Although he obvioiusly had a great time here getting the cereal all over his hands, face, head, and shirt, he somehow didn’t manage to get any of it into his mouth. I was curious to see if he’d be into feeding himself, but I guess he’s not quite ready. I find this a little odd in light of the fact that he puts everything else he comes across into his mouth. This did make it obvious that I really need to get a mat to put down underneath his highchair.

He’s tried all sorts of the different fruits and veggies with no problems, and I’m getting tired of dealing with baby food, so we’re working on textures now. He’s making quick progress with the canned pears I’ve been offering him, although he scared me half to death by choking on them the first time I tried it. I had to be talked down and reassured that gagging is a normal part of the learning how to eat, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. In fact, I think the awful faces he sometimes makes while eating are at least partly due to how hard he has to think about manipulating the food.

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  1. Grandma Rose says:

    Thanks for the lead-in to my favorite high chair mat story. One day Ryan came home from kindergarten and told us that her teacher Mrs. Cox thought it was a good idea that we had a mat under Leigh’s high chair. We figured that if she told her teacher about a mat under a high chair, she might tell her anything at all!

  2. Grandma Rose says:

    Are teething biscuits allowed now? He’d probably enjoy that.

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