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Pumpkin painting Originally uploaded by leighah1 Help! We’ve been overrun by toddlers! We may never recover! So many balls! So many trains! So much paint spilled on the table! So much shrieking with manic glee! More later. I have to … Continue reading

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What’s even funnier is that about 20 seconds later he peed all over my lap.

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Ooh so tight!

Ooh so tight! Originally uploaded by leighah1 I love that picture. It’s from a month ago, I think none of the clothes he’s wearing fit any more, including the diaper. So of course I was unable to give up listing … Continue reading

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pumpkin patch Originally uploaded by pilatfamily That’s a tired pumpkin at the pumpkin patch yesterday. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a slightly feverish and cranky child to a field with no shade … Continue reading

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Too many words!

space boy Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Ok, that’s it, I’m officially declaring the end to my “Nathan’s words” spreadsheet. I started keeping it to track what words he was signing, but I just tried to update it and came up … Continue reading

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mr. fix-it

mr. fix-it Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan helped me fix a chair this morning. It remains to be seen if we actually did a successful repair job, but it was worth is just for how happy he was to use … Continue reading

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yum! Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Jelly is yummy! Apparently we’re on an every other day tantrum schedule now. The one yesterday was triggered by needing to come inside for lunch. There is nothing sadder than him crying and pounding on … Continue reading

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mean mommy

new house Originally uploaded by pilatfamily So of course the day after I wrote this ridiculously goopy post about how lovey and sweet Nathan is, he was a total cranktopotomus today. We were supposed to go to Gymboree this morning, … Continue reading

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we love our new house!

Giggle Originally uploaded by leighah1 Finally, we are back! We’re home. Home! This picture is from the first weekend we were here. We have a whole series of Nathan In The Jungle pictures of him playing in the yard, which … Continue reading

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