first haircut

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And it was only about two months overdue. Of course I cut his bangs too short, somehow after cutting my own and Leigh’s too short about 40 times over the years I still haven’t learned. He handled it much better than I feared. I may have helped by talking up haircuts for the past few weeks, but I think Jon can take much of the credit since he had the clever idea to buckle him into his high chair. I did the actual cutting part, and Leigh took pictures. He asked me for more haircutting today, so apparently we didn’t traumatize him too badly.

This weekend we went to visit Isaac before music class with the idea that we’d walk around to a few garage sales, but poor Isaac had some kind of traumatic sippy cup event, and we had to go back home for an emergency bottle, during which Nathan rediscovered Isaac’s cement mixer. Which Isaac then decided he wanted to play with, which was entirely reasonable given that Nathan had abandoned it, and it’s his truck and all. But then of course Nathan started getting upset, and I kind of sighed and got ready for a battle…. and then Nathan said, totally unprompted, “Lots of other toys to play with!” and walked away.

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