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good-bye bozolozer

cupcake at the insect fairOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily At breakfast the other day, Nathan told us, “A vacuum truck is another kind of truck that sucks up junk.” He’s becoming quite the little conversationalist. As long as you like conversation … Continue reading

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readingOriginally uploaded by leighah1 As you can see, Nathan’s doing some light reading. If you’d like to hear him singing the alphabet, check this out. This afternoon we were reading his train book, which has pictures of some trains with … Continue reading

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trucks, wow!

trucks!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily On Monday morning we went to visit Jon at work. He walked out to meet us, and Nathan yelled out, “There’s a Daddy wight dere!!” We explored his office for a little bit, but the main … Continue reading

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Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day flowersOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Look, my first Mother’s Day present from Nathan! He handed me one of the little purple flowers a few days ago, then said, “One for Mommy….. and one for Auntie…..”, and picked one for … Continue reading

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Look at you!

dozing the leak Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan has adopted all these funny little phrases from us. It’s like have an adorable little lisping echo. Of course, writing it down doesn’t really capture how funny it sounds in his little … Continue reading

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Class tonight?

Hmm Originally uploaded by leighah1 For the last six weeks I’ve been taking a continuing education class, so I’ve been coming home after Nathan’s bedtime on Tuesdays. So in the mornings, as I was leaving for work I would explain … Continue reading

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ice cream!

ice cream! Originally uploaded by pilatfamily The robots were really cool at the Maker Faire, but the highlight was clearly the ice cream. We even bought it from a stand which was in the shape of a big ice cream … Continue reading

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"I love Auntie!"

Peas Originally uploaded by leighah1 That’s right, after months of “I love trucks!” and “I love bugs!” and “I love pancakes!” today Nathan said, “I love Auntie!” Could there be any sweeter words in the English language? Ryan, Nathan, Sara, … Continue reading

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water tank truck!

car merry-go-round Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan, who is supposed to be asleep, just yelled out “water tank truck!” and then went right back to sleep. I love the completely unrestrained joy and enthusiasm in his voice. We spent an … Continue reading

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Metaphid jumping spider

Action shot Originally uploaded by leighah1 Today in his bath Nathan looked up at me and said, very clearly, “Metaphid Jumping Spider!” For those of you less knowledgeable about arachnids than Nathan, the Metaphid Jumping Spider a somewhat grayish spider, … Continue reading

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