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helpingOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Here you see Nathan doing something legitimately helpful! Ryan and I bought a sheet of plexiglass several weeks ago to block off the upstairs railing so Nathan couldn’t fall through or get his head stuck. We … Continue reading

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June 22 2008 049Originally uploaded by leighah1 Well, we’ve had kind of a rough week over here. I gave Nathan peanut butter for the first time on Wednesday, and he’s allergic. Technically, he was diagnosed with anaphylaxis. He’s perfectly fine … Continue reading

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Sara is a turtle!

June 22 2008 016Originally uploaded by leighah1 Nathan’s make-believe games seem to have become a lot more involved just today. We spent a fair amount of time before his nap enacting and reenacting a visit to the hospital starring Medium … Continue reading

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Where's Mommy?

There he is!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Our milestone a little over a week ago was me leaving him at preschool for the first time. Not that I’m able to watch him much at all when I’m working, but he would … Continue reading

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Look at you!

June 18 2008 011Originally uploaded by leighah1 Last summer, you may recall that Nathan displayed some hesitation about even getting into the little kiddie pool that we bought him. Oh, how much can change in a year! Last weekend, we … Continue reading

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baby hippopotamus

IMG_8129Originally uploaded by pilatfamily The picture, of course, is not hippopotamus-related. He’s helping us mix regular old non-hippopotamus chocolate cupcakes, which Leigh and I decided we felt like making last weekend. Nathan was predictably enthusiastic about this idea, and I … Continue reading

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First day of school

let’s go!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan started school this week! I just can’t believe how big he is. We went on Monday for an orientation meeting, and I’d been talking up school and all the fun things we do at … Continue reading

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