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I think you should SLEEP!

popsicleOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Well. Things I’ve learned recently: 1. Nathan really needs a nap2. Nathan is very stubborn3. Nathan is capable of surprising stealth We had a fantastic visit with Grandma and Gramps, including homemade popsicles (pictures here). However, … Continue reading

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July 4 2008 121Originally uploaded by leighah1 What are cabubbies you ask? Good question. I’d like to know the answer too. Literally approximately 85% of my conversation with Nathan today revolved around cabubbies. At breakfast this morning he emphatically told … Continue reading

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July 4 2008 109Originally uploaded by leighah1 I just wanted to share this recipe for Egg Soup that Nathan came up with in the bath tonight. – eggs- maple syrup- flour- baking soda- mustard- vanilla Combine ingredients in a large … Continue reading

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new scooter

new scooterOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily The scooter was a fantastic hand-me-down, and Nathan was predictably delighted and somewhat less predictably immediately successful at it. I was a little worried that he’d immediately fall on his face, but no, he just … Continue reading

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