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baby squirrel

togaOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily We have a baby squirrel in our yard! Nathan was completely and totally thrilled with this, and had to be restrained from running after it and offering his hand out to smell like he does with … Continue reading

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change your bottom

naptimeOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Not sure how that arm position is comfortable, but it seemed to work for him. Our new favorite phrase of Nathan’s is “change your bottom”, which means that mommy should give him a clean diaper. And … Continue reading

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I know sharing is hard

chocolateOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan eating chocolate ice cream after a swim. I think we used all the diaper wipes I had cleaning up the table afterwards. His fascination with swimming continues, and when we were all collapsed on the … Continue reading

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two friends here!

cutieOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily As you can see from the picture, he’s completely recovered from stair-tumble. I was trying to get a shot of the missing tooth, but it’s on the bottom so it tends to be hidden when he … Continue reading

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I falled down the stairs a little bit

Visting daddy at workOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily That’s Nathan’s description of yesterday’s trauma. The short version is, Nathan fell down the stairs and knocked out a tooth. He’s completely fine now, and in fact the missing tooth doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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thanks, boys!

scooterOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Well, highs and lows this week. Yesterday we had really fun trip to the park, and Nathan could not have done a better job of sharing. There happened to be a large number of small truck … Continue reading

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Thing Two

15 weeksOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Please meet the other reason I’ve been so tired lately, Thing Two! Due to arrive December 28th, Thing Two enjoys kicking, growing baby fat, and sitting on my bladder. We had our last ultrasound Friday, … Continue reading

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I want to help me!

cookingOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Meaning, “I want to help you!”, meaning “I want you to give me free rein with the flour canister and allow me to make a huge giant mess”. Which you’ve got to say yes to from … Continue reading

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