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pedaling fast

going fastOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily This is Nathan just about every day at preschool. And to think I was a little worried that the toddler class met at the same time as the pre-K class. If not for the big … Continue reading

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Nap! Napnapnapnapnap!

napOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Update: HE ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP! I peeked in a few minutes ago and he’s lying on the floor with his bottom up in the air, snoring. Three cheers for nap!

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so tired

paintingOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I’m tired. Nathan is tired. Jon is tired of me being tired, in addition to being tired himself. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting to be tired, given that I have only 6 weeks to … Continue reading

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feller-buncherOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan just snuck his first book into bed. We’ve been having a bit of a rough week, sleep-wise. A few days ago he woke up at 4am and walked into our bedroom. And then did it … Continue reading

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