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Your baby is coming soon

tractor rideOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Today Nathan told me, “Your baby is coming soon”. We were watching a National Geographic special on birth, and we were discussing that the woman in the show was having her baby. He said this … Continue reading

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I’m a scissor lift truck!

IMG_3391Originally uploaded by leighah1 Yesterday evening I spent about twenty minutes with Nathan crawling back and forth from the stairs to the living room sofa “unloading food” onto various airplanes. Sometimes he joined me as another scissor lift truck; other … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

presentOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily We made it (just about)! Lots of presents, lots of treats, and minimal crying, relatively speaking. Although Nathan’s still awake and complaining about bedtime, so I guess there’s been some crying. I can’t blame him for … Continue reading

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trains! lights! cookies!

trains!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Oh there is so much Christmas excitement around here. For one thing there are endless cookies, due to my strategy of baking cookies until the baby decides to show up. It’s going very well so far. … Continue reading

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Auntie's home!

Auntie’s home!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Auntie’s home! Given that we’d just woken Nathan up from his nap and that Leigh had been traveling for a day and a half, it’s hard to say who was more tired in this picture. … Continue reading

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snow?Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Well, I think we can declare our mini-gingerbreadfest a complete success in that Noah and Nathan ate about twice as much candy as made it onto their houses and they both were in tears by the … Continue reading

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string bean

Dr. NathanOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan had a checkup today, and he’s been declared officially medically to be a string bean. He’s 39.5 inches tall (he held still to be measured). He weighs 32 pounds, 9 ounces (and he did … Continue reading

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full term

bouncy chairOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Three cheers, I am officially full-term today (37 weeks). Meaning all systems are cleared for baby, aside from the fact that we don’t have the carseat installed or the cosleeper set up or [insert any … Continue reading

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