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A walrus bit my toe

bigsmileOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I have no idea where this came from, but Nathan has been telling me recently that there’s a walrus which bit his toe. Sometimes the walrus is in his crib, and then it goes back to … Continue reading

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"I got stuck!"

IMG_4264Originally uploaded by leighah1 Yesterday Ryan and I took Nathan and Sam to a spectacularly fabulous birthday party for two of the kids at his school at a place called Pump it Up – no bodybuilders, just big inflatable slides … Continue reading

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lil' baby zits

IMG_9995Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Boy, Sam has a lot of zits all of a sudden. Of course, they’re adorable tiny little baby zits. But still, I hope they clear themselves up soon; they look so red and angry when he’s … Continue reading

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cuddleOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Well, I sounded negative yesterday, didn’t I? It’s not as bad as all that, just look at those boys. Nathan now likes to come running over while I’m holding Sam and then oh-so-gently brushing his cheek … Continue reading

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Well, not all the time. He also coos, and stares, and whacks me on the chest when he’s dissatisfied with nursing for some reason, and grabs onto my finger and holds on tight. But today, at least, he was crankypants. … Continue reading

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bathtimeOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily This is Nathan enjoying some unauthorized splashing in the tub. We’ve been bathing him in the big tub upstairs, which has lots of room for lots of splashing. Nathan has been very affectionate and interested in … Continue reading

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IMG_9939Originally uploaded by pilatfamily He’s getting so big now. It feels silly to be getting nostalgic for my itty bitty baby when he’s only 3 weeks old, but I can’t help it. His head seems so much bigger now! And … Continue reading

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