Happy Birthday Nathan – part 2

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After Nathan opened his present from Noah et al. (a little garbage truck, tow truck, and fire chief car), Nathan was understandably reluctant to let Noah play with his new trucks. I think we all can relate to how hard it can be to share brand new toys. We placated Noah by offering him Nathan’s little bucket truck that Ryan bought for him at the White Elephant Sale yesterday and then Nathan and Noah went upstairs together, apparently for a little quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the party. They went into Sam’s room and spent a good half hour pushing their toy trucks around on the floor and chatting.

In spite on Noah’s heart-wrenching pleas (“Why can’t I borrow the garbage truck?” “I really like garbage trucks.”), Nathan stood firm on the garbage truck sharing issue, but he did let Noah play with the new tow truck, suggesting that Noah could pick up garbage with that. Noah opined that the tow truck couldn’t pick up trash, but adapted the suggestion by picking up imaginary trash with the bucket of the bucket truck and dumping it into the bin of Nathan’s garbage truck. Evidently they were both a bit tired, because they kept saying things like, “The garbage truck is sleepy. It needs a cozy place to sleep,” and, “The tow truck can’t work now. It needs to go to sleep.”

While they played together, Nathan and Noah also carried on a very adult-seeming idle chat. Here’s a sample:

Nathan: “My daddy’s real name is Jon.”

Noah: “My Nana’s name is Yvonne. When we go visit my Nana, we usually take the N train and the BART. Do you take the N train and the BART to visit your Nana?”

Nathan: “I don’t know.”

Noah: “Do you have a Nana?”

Nathan: “No, I don’t have a Nana.”

It’s the first time that I’ve ever heard Nathan have a “getting-to-know-you” conversation with anyone. Obviously he has lots of conversations about trucks and blocks and parties and preschool, but this just sounded so much like the toddler version of two friends sitting around over a cup of coffee and getting better acquainted. I almost felt rude to be sitting there eavesdropping on their conversation and taking pictures.

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