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Blogging my own incompetence

IMG_6592Originally uploaded by leighah1 Nathan’s current favorite DVD is “Peep and the Big Wide World” – a series of adventures in which an animated baby chick (which looks like a tennis ball with legs), a baby robin (which looks like … Continue reading

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sweet baby boys

big brother, little brotherOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I hesitated to write this since I feared I would jinx it, but I think Nathan is finally done with his “hitting Mommy” phase. It’s been about a week now with no incidents, … Continue reading

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IMG_6521Originally uploaded by leighah1 I think this is Nathan’s first portrait. As you might expect, it’s of Mommy. I think he’s captured her new short haircut beautifully.

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Nathan's earlier work

IMG_6518Originally uploaded by leighah1 This photo is from about two weeks ago. The pink thing right in the middle is a tennis racket. Directly above it is a golf club. Since I asked him to draw the golf club, it … Continue reading

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Even more art

IMG_6544Originally uploaded by leighah1 Here we see Nathan’s painting of a hang glider, flanked by two paintings that I did in an attempt to come up with a glider that would satisfy him.

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More art

IMG_6543Originally uploaded by leighah1 As you can probably guess, I painted most of this, but the impetus behind the entire composition came from Nathan’s painting in the lower left. It’s a crab. He then told me to paint a lady … Continue reading

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IMG_6541Originally uploaded by leighah1 Nathan has discovered representational art. Pictured here is perhaps the finest example of his recent work. The thing on the left is a screwgun – he even pointed out the trigger to me. The other thing … Continue reading

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hungry hungry Sammy

hungryOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily We have food! It’s about a month earlier than we gave Nathan cereal, but lately he’s been staring hungrily at us while we’re eating dinner and occasionally trying to dive face-first into my plate, so we … Continue reading

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Utah is so fun

window washerOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Whew. We are back from Utah, and to quote Nathan, “Utah is so fun!” He told me this several times, and no wonder. As I’d hoped, he really took to the water on this trip, … Continue reading

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