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never, never, never, no, no, no

IMG_6876Originally uploaded by leighah1 Here you see Nathan trying on his very first pair of roller skates. I also have a video that, predictably, ends with him landing on his butt. He has not yet asked to put the roller … Continue reading

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IMG_1135Originally uploaded by pilatfamily This is what breakfast usually looks like around here. Note that Sam is watching Nathan with a worshipful smile. This is a rare moment when Nathan is smiling back. Although Nathan is very happy to tell … Continue reading

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6 months

IMG_1048Originally uploaded by pilatfamily How has it been 6 months? Sam has been declared officially healthy and adorable at his checkup. weight: 17 lb 13 ozheight: 26.75 in Six months also means real food! So far he’s happily gobbled up … Continue reading

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2897_Lynne_s_house_Ryan_and_Nathan_playing_guitarOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Look at that sensitive singer-songwriter. He’s developed quite a fascination with guitars. He refused to let go of this one for a good 20 minutes, and for most of that time poor Andrew (his friend in … Continue reading

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walking SamOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily After a week and a half of Nathan asking me several times a day if it was time to ride on the airplane to visit Grandma and Gramps, we are in Michigan! This was definitely … Continue reading

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I did it!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily In the Nathan dictionary, this photo would be the illustration next to the entry, “I did it!” He was watching some bigger kids climb a different tree which proved to be a bit too … Continue reading

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He made his own teeter-totterOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan constructed this delightfully low-budget, wobbly, and slightly dangerous teeter-totter inspired by Peep. You have to admire a children’s show that will come right out and suggest that your kid should go … Continue reading

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nom nom nom

Chewing on Sarah’s faceOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Sam has discovered the joys of chewing on cheeks, grabbing eyeglasses, poking his fingers into nostrils and ears, and if allowed, slobbering on noses. We discovered during our trip to the zoo with … Continue reading

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