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IMG_8127Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Warning: this baby is dangerously cute. Also, he can stand. At least, he accidentally let go of the patio door he was staring longing out of and then balanced for about 1.5 seconds before falling/sitting down. … Continue reading

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preschoolOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily We’re back at school! In this picture he appears eager to go, but it turned out that he was slightly sick that day, and he spent the whole time coming up to me at 30 minute … Continue reading

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I love my new little brother

cuddleOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily As we were coming downstairs after putting Sam down for a nap, Nathan actually told me, “I love my new little brother”. How sweet is that? Nathan has definitely discovered that Sam is actually a person. … Continue reading

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two little teeth

two little teethOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Look, he’s like a tiny little reverse vampire, coming to get you. Although he’s less tiny than he used to be. He had a checkup last Friday, and after being declared medically adorable, we … Continue reading

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Nathan in his nest

Nathan in his nestOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily This picture is after a ride on an old-time carousel and an adorable little train with Noah and Maia, he’s a little tired. He climbed into the tree and is pretending that he’s … Continue reading

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swimming is fun

swimming is funOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Here’s a happy Sam after a visit to the pool. Whereas Nathan took about 2 years to fully warm up to splashing in the pool, Sam was trying to leap out of my arms … Continue reading

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