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IMG_2473Originally uploaded by leighah1 Considering how much time I spend making cakes, it is perhaps not surprising that Nathan has been playing a game where we make imaginary cakes (always shaped like various trucks), carry them very carefully to the … Continue reading

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rain, rain

rain, rainOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I am hoping that at least these storms revive our sad-looking backyard lawn. Despite this fun excursion outside to float boats in the rain gutters and splash in puddles, Nathan is entirely too used to … Continue reading

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Mr. Hooper

worn outOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily That’s a worn-out kiddo after ice skating. Not that recent, but I like this picture because I’m very familiar with that look, but rarely get a picture of it since I’m usually the one providing … Continue reading

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nom nom

nom nomOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Leigh is busy working on Sam’s birthday cake, so Nathan wanted to help, or at least lick the icing knife. He did frost the cookies by himself while he was at it. The cake is … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Sam!

ApplecakeOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Sam celebrated his birthday by: Gobbling up his entire piece of cake and then going after mine. It seems that applecake is as awesome as pumpkin pie, the previous most amazing food in the world. At … Continue reading

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big guy

Sad SammyOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I cannot believe my baby is almost one. I love how big he looks next to Grandma in this picture. I also like how if you look at the big size, you can see the … Continue reading

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IMG_2143Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan has discovered phonics. Grandma and Gramps got him a phonics leapfrog thingy for the fridge, with little magnetic letters and a song about each one, which I’ve learned to tune out in self-defense. (A! A! … Continue reading

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the snow rink

skatingOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily This was Nathan’s first attempt at ice skating. Apparently he didn’t last long before announcing that he was done and ready for some hot chocolate. Today while I was putting him to bed he kept talking … Continue reading

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Sam is going to get you!

He invented a new game today. He starts by holding onto my finger, walks around me, and hides behind my back. And then I say, “Where’s Sam?”, which is his cue to peek around my shoulder so I can exclaim, … Continue reading

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Sam, by Nathan

Nathan’s drawingOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Nathan drew this picture of Sam a few days ago. I believe this is his first ever representational drawing of a person. He did recently do a painting of Plurp, the lavender duck that looks … Continue reading

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