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Joe's birthday party

This morning we went to our friend Joe’s third birthday party at a park near our old house in Redwood City. It was so interesting to see Nathan back at the park as a completely different – and much more … Continue reading

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IMG_3261Originally uploaded by leighah1 He was also fascinated by the various small plates dotting the grassy areas of the park, covering the irrigation system controls. Once he finished picking small bits of dry grass out the them, he decided they … Continue reading

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IMG_3209Originally uploaded by leighah1 Once Sam got up, we took a walk to the park near our house, where I discovered how much harder it is to supervise two boys at a park than one. We had a few minor … Continue reading

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IMG_3264Originally uploaded by leighah1 Then Nathan came in Sam’s room with me to help put him to bed. He held Sam’s bottle, suggested songs that we should sing to him, kissed him and rubbed him on his head. Sam giggled … Continue reading

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little brother

IMG_1080Originally uploaded by pilatfamily Yesterday I was about to give Sam a bottle and put him down for a nap, and Nathan was about to do his usual routine where he makes a big production of leaving the door open … Continue reading

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Settle in, this is a long one …

IMG_2715Originally uploaded by leighah1 More than a month ago, in my last post, I promised a complete report on our trip to Tahoe. As you may have noticed, I completely failed to deliver on that promise, and since then all … Continue reading

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IMG_2383Originally uploaded by leighah1 I didn’t actually eat a tire, because they were made entirely of fondant, but I would think they must have been absolutely disgusting. Nathan loved them, so much so that he actually convinced Noah, who doesn’t … Continue reading

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IMG_2538Originally uploaded by leighah1 The lunch place also included a little train to ride on and a collection of these great little trucks to play in. As you can see, Sam enjoyed himself, too. It took us a couple of … Continue reading

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IMG_2601Originally uploaded by leighah1 The next morning, we took Nathan to ski school. As I mentioned in my earlier post, he LOVED it. His class consisted of four three- to four-year-old boys taught by a twenty-something mellow ski bum named … Continue reading

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IMG_2620Originally uploaded by leighah1 Sam then strapped one ski on each kid and had them scoot around the snow for a bit. Then they each got their other ski and waddled up a series of rubber mats to the top … Continue reading

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