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IMG_3272Originally uploaded by leighah1 This is Sam at the awesome playground in Golden Park a couple weeks ago. He had an awesome time practicing his daredevil climbing skills. We’ve been doing lots of outings lately as we’re getting kicked out … Continue reading

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no no no no no

Sam and DaddyOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily I’m not sure if I can count any of them as words, but Sam has all sorts of new fun noises, many of them very very loud. Nathan has invited a game at meals … Continue reading

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Mack! Mack? Mack?

IMG_3251Originally uploaded by leighah1 I meant to mention this in my last post and forgot. Nathan’s current favorite game to entertain himself on car rides is looking for Mack. Mack being the name of the tractor trailer that Lightning McQueen … Continue reading

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