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The play's the thing …

IMG_0358Originally uploaded by leighah1 Nathan and Sam went to their first play tonight! As you can imagine, this was a special moment for me. Somewhat surprisingly, it seems to also have been a pretty special experience for Nathan. Ryan, Jon, … Continue reading

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Ready to go

Sam at the museumOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Huge changes going on here. Last Wednesday was the first of preschool/daycare for the boys, and today was my first day of work. Last week I was dropping off both boys, Sam at … Continue reading

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I'm back at last …

It’s been a very exciting week. I got back from China a week ago, returning to a different house than I left, as well as a to a somewhat more relaxed family now that the move is over. We’ve spent … Continue reading

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… continued …

IMG_9952Originally uploaded by leighah1 Sam, on the other hand, was most interested in the pony rides, which Isaac also enjoyed. Ryan wasn’t even permitted to hold onto Sam, as she was instructed to hold the guide rope for the pony … Continue reading

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… continued …

IMG_0004Originally uploaded by leighah1 Ryan did eventually convince Nathan, who remains much more cautious of new experiences that either Sam or Isaac (who knows no fear whatsoever), to try the pony ride as well. He did a great job, enjoyed … Continue reading

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… continued …

IMG_0027Originally uploaded by leighah1 On Tuesday, we again hung out with Isaac, this time at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

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… continued …

IMG_0052Originally uploaded by leighah1 Then we all wandered off down the boardwalk in search of rides and lunch. Our first stop was at the video arcade, where Nathan demonstrated that his hand-eye coordination has dramatically improved of late. The last … Continue reading

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… continued …

IMG_0061Originally uploaded by leighah1 After a brief stop for corn dogs and several lengthy conversations about haunted houses (we passed a few with gargoyles outside) and other scary big-kid rides like roller coasters and swinging pirate ships, we headed for … Continue reading

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… continued …

IMG_0083Originally uploaded by leighah1 Once he realized that he could drop handfuls of wet sand into the water, Sam perked right back up.

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… continued …

IMG_0084Originally uploaded by leighah1 Since we had for some reason decided that we didn’t need to bring bathing suits for the boys, Nathan got steadily more naked as each of his items of clothing got soaked. We drew the line … Continue reading

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