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edible letter

edible letterOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily Leigh painted the boys letters using food coloring on edible rice paper. Sam took some convincing from Nathan to try it, but once he did he gobbled the whole thing up. I was slightly concerned … Continue reading

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Sam can really talk

nom nomOriginally uploaded by pilatfamily What Sam is trying to say in this picture is “nom nom nom food goes here”. Both boys ate I don’t even know how many banana-chocolate mini muffins, which we made while skype-ing with Mom … Continue reading

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Playing hookie

IMG_0442Originally uploaded by leighah1 Yesterday Nathan skipped school so that we could spend the day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I know; I’m a bad influence. It’s not like he had any tests that day. The day got off to … Continue reading

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Nathan’s first roller coaster ride!Originally uploaded by pilatfamily It actually was a faster roller coaster than I thought it was, and I think faster than Nathan expected it to be. He was a little alarmed by it, but also clearly … Continue reading

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IMG_0459Originally uploaded by leighah1 Much like the roller coaster, it was faster than I expected it to be and I had a moment when I wondered if I had made a really big mistake. But Nathan loved it. I mean, … Continue reading

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IMG_0460Originally uploaded by leighah1 After another brief stint on the kiddie truck convoy ride and a stop at the little dragon ride that he can operate with a lever like the airplanes, the next ride that Nathan decided that he … Continue reading

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IMG_0114Originally uploaded by leighah1 We all seem to have survived the first week at my job. Our mornings are certainly much earlier than they used to be. Jon has been delivering Sam to daycare while Nathan and I drive to … Continue reading

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