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Negotiating with Zayde

We had a slightly early seder with Jon’s parents on Sunday (working around a business trip), and as the youngest child who was not Sam, Nathan was given the job of hiding the afikomen. He did so (in plain sight, … Continue reading

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Present-making machine

Nathan drew a bunch of complicated machine-like pictures at school for Auntie Sarah. While she was over, he started combining all the pictures into this huge present-making machine; it has two spouts, and other than that I have no idea … Continue reading

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Sad face

This is a sad baby. I think I never took a picture of Nathan like this, probably because I took his 2-year-old tantrums far too seriously. Which was dumb, because this is the most adorable sad face in the world.

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Are you ready, mommy!?

Sam is playing a game where he loads up a plastic strawberry on the scoop and then watches in delighted anticipation as it slowly tips down while repeatedly asking me “Are you ready?! Are you ready mommy?!” After we picked … Continue reading

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flying saucer

Nathan made this little flying saucer at school a month or so ago. They had them decorating the dress-up area for the space unit, so he just got to take it home yesterday. He immediately decided that it needed a … Continue reading

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Cannon boomer

From left to right: a cannon boomer and a turner gun. The cannon boomer goes “pbbt pbbt” and the turner gun goes “pe-ow! pe-ow!”

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Re-painting this car as Lightning was actually a two-day effort. He got rather discouraged on Saturday when the glitter glue/ paint mixture he created wasn’t as red as wanted. On Sunday we found more red paint and Lightning got a … Continue reading

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Termite housing project

Based on an episode of Cat In the Hat, this experiment with packing peanuts started out as a castle but turned into a house for termites.  Apparently the popsicle sticks are some sort of egg-delivery machine that the queen uses.  … Continue reading

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Doing some coloring

Not sure why the top of the table was the ideal place to do this.

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Nathan’s self-portrait

He did this in pre-K, paying special attention to getting the loader on his shirt right. He also drew on nailpolish.

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