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Playing together

It’s of course totally normal that Nathan and Sam sometimes have trouble getting along, especially since Sam doesn’t talk quite well enough to always hold his own yet.  But it still makes me very happy when they play together well.  … Continue reading

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A very tiring day

First thing this morning we went to a Sunrise Safari at Happy Hollow, where Nathan got to feed a goat, a cow, a deer, birds, and meerkats. Then Nathan accidentally stepped into this little pond and consequently spent the rest … Continue reading

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Nathan’s first recipes

These are some recipes that Nathan convinced Leigh to help him cook during her last visit. He even convinced her to try them. Nathan’s Banana Soup Ingredients 1 banana 1 orange 4 sprinkles of cinnamon 1 apple slice 1 cup … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Actually, I’ve been back for a week and a half, I’ve just been too busy getting settled and playing with boys to post anything until now.  Highlights of the last few weeks include: 1)    Ryan and I helped out at … Continue reading

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Genie Lift

Nathan designed and built this lego genie lift before going to school this morning. In fact, he kept delaying us to add just one more piece.

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