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The capes are here …

… and they’re fabulous!

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My new TV for my room was delivered today, providing us with this delightful box. Inspired by our recent reading of the Calvin and Hobbes where they go to Mars and are scared by a little tentacled martian, the box … Continue reading

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Calvin and Hobbes and Darth Vader

Nathan checked out a Calvin and Hobbes anthology from the school library.  He apparently enjoyed reading it because he almost immediately checked out two more huge Calvin and Hobbes books.  We haven’t even gotten through the first one yet, but … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz

We went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk yesterday to celebrate Isaac’s birthday.  Here’s the cake I made.  As soon as we ate cake, Nathan rushed off to the cave train, with me trailing behind him.  After the cave train, we went … Continue reading

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Nathan has been telling us lately that wishes come true if you throw a dollars worth of coins into a well.  (Dollar bills don’t work.)  Tonight he told us that wishes for things that you use, like the Force, take … Continue reading

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Potlucks are the best!

I had forgotten how awesome potlucks are for children!  We’ve been to two super-awesome potlucks recently, one at Sam’s preschool and the other with our neighborhood association.  As soon as he heard that there was going to be a neighborhood … Continue reading

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