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Maker Space and Los Altos

A few weeks ago we went to an open house for a Maker Space being set up at Barron Park Elementary. Last week, we all went to see Nathan’s class and the other two third grade classes perform after a … Continue reading

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August summary

The biggest event of August was our trip to Michigan to say goodbye to Grandma and Gramps’s house. We spent a lot of time playing Hide-and-Seek and everyone concluded that Grandma and Gramps’s house is the ultimate Hide-and-Seek house. Most … Continue reading

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July Summary

For the fourth of July we went to Matt’s house for a party. While playing on the indoor basketball court, Sam made friends with two young women (probably early twenties) named Pearl and Vanessa. He latched onto them and hung … Continue reading

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Preschool visit

Sam and I visited his old preschool this afternoon.  He was so happy to see his friends, especially Liam and Huxley. When we got there, we stopped outside the fence for a little bit to talk to Teacher Joella, who … Continue reading

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