August summary

The biggest event of August was our trip to Michigan to say goodbye to Grandma and Gramps’s house. We spent a lot of time playing Hide-and-Seek and everyone concluded that Grandma and Gramps’s house is the ultimate Hide-and-Seek house.

Most of the trip was really fun, although Nathan did have an allergic reaction, presumably to some peanut contamination, when we went to Zingerman’s, so he spent several hours in the emergency room. At least he got to play a lot of Minecraft.

Grandma and Gramps got them foam Minecraft swords, as well as foldable paper minecraft cubs, monsters, and animals. Sam was especailly interested in the paper fold animals.

We also said goodbye to the huge Legos and block that I built in high school for Dogg's Hamlet. They will be missed.The hands-on museum is always a favorite activity. Sam told me to take this picture of Gramps with the body temperature screen.

While Nathan was in the ER, Sam and I had a playdate at Jungle Java with Rayna, my best friend from junior high, and her son, Huxley. Sam was very excited to meet Huxley because he has a friend at preschool who is also named Huxley. Jungle Java was a lot of fun and Sam and Huxley even played by themselves for long enough for Rayna and I to look through some old pictures I found at Mom and Dad's.

Sam and Huxley got along so well that we continued the play date over dinner at Rayna's house.

Dad took us on a private tour of the Kelsey (well, semi-private, since a lady kept cornering Dad and asking him questions) and they especially enjoyed pushing the cube sculpture around.

Nathan immediately wanted to try pushing it himself.

Sam initially didn't think he could push it bby himself, so I offered to help. Then I stood behind him and pretended to push but didn't. He was quite delighted to find that he was doing it by himself.

We also spent two days at Cedar Point, where Nathan went on so many roller coasters!  His favorite was the Iron Dragon, but he also enjoyed the Blue Streak and the Woodstock Express.  Sam went on a few little kid rides, including the Kite Eating Tree, which is similar to the Freefall at Santa Cruz, but the highlights for him were the petting zoo and the Snoopy bounce house.  They both also really liked the Monster. I got way more pictures of Sam than Nathan, since we didn’t stay together and I spent way more time with Sam.

Sam drives a little car ride.

I have so many good pictures of Sam and this petting zoo llama, I had a really hard time choosing just one to post.

Sam is delighted about some ducks.

Sam fed a lot of hay to this donkey. Since there was plenty of hay around the donkey, but it only ate the hay that Sam handed it, Mom concluded that it was just humoring Sam.

Sam and Grandma admire baby pigs.

Nathan driving on the Antique Cars ride.

Kite-eating tree ride - Sam is on the far right.

I went to visit friends in Madison, so I wasn’t there when the boys left Michigan, but apparently Nathan (and then Sam in sympathy) became quite distraught.

I leave you with this picture of the boys about to eat strawberry ice cream - caramel sauce - oreo cookie - whipped cream - marachino cherry sundays that I made for them when Ryan and Jon left me in charge for a night. Nathan ate too much and gave himself a stomach ache. He couldn't get to sleep, so I let him stay up and watch Project Runway with me.


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