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Happy Birthday Nathan!

We had a very big weekend of growing up – Nathan turned 8 yesterday and Sam lost his first tooth on Friday. He had the tooth Friday before breakfast, then he didn’t have it Friday after breakfast.  The logical conclusion … Continue reading

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Two exciting weekends

We went to see the Lego Movie last weekend.  It was actually really good, even for the adults.  The song “Everything is Awesome!” has now become a key feature in our lives.  We’ve had several Awesome-centric dance parties. We also … Continue reading

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Stuff I uploaded from my phone

I just uploaded some photos from the last six months or so from my phone.  Here are some highlights:  

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Mostly Legos

Our Christmas preparation is in high gear.  Sam has done most of the tree trimming, which means that the top third of the tree is almost entirely bare.  Yesterday, we hung up the lights outside.  I hung the big wreath … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and trampolines


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Biking and drawing

Bike riding continues to go well.  Last weekend, Nathan, Sam, Ryan, and I biked along the little bike bridge to a park. The ride may have been a bit ambitious for Sam.  He refused to ride on the way back, … Continue reading

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New bike!

I haven’t really ridden a bike since junior high, but Nathan has been pressing for family bike rides, so I definitely now have a need for a bike.  Mom and Dad sent my a birthday check for me to get … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

This morning Ryan, Nathan, Sam, and I went to the Halloween costume parade at Nathan’s school. Here the two Vaders indulge in a little early morning light saber battle. But they hug it out afterwards. The parade was quite a … Continue reading

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The capes are here …

… and they’re fabulous!

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My new TV for my room was delivered today, providing us with this delightful box. Inspired by our recent reading of the Calvin and Hobbes where they go to Mars and are scared by a little tentacled martian, the box … Continue reading

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