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I’m so proud of you, Sam!

This morning I heard the following over the baby monitor. “Sam! You did it! You got out by yourself! And you didn’t even hurt your head! I’m so proud of you! Let me give you a hug. Good job!” Sam … Continue reading

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The cutest astronaut

Just watched last shuttle launch with the boys. Nathan has taped his toy rocket to his water bottle, re-enacting blast off, and then jettisoning his fuel tank. He added a little song about “flying over earth” after he made it … Continue reading

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Nathan’s first recipes

These are some recipes that Nathan convinced Leigh to help him cook during her last visit. He even convinced her to try them. Nathan’s Banana Soup Ingredients 1 banana 1 orange 4 sprinkles of cinnamon 1 apple slice 1 cup … Continue reading

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Genie Lift

Nathan designed and built this lego genie lift before going to school this morning. In fact, he kept delaying us to add just one more piece.

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Negotiating with Zayde

We had a slightly early seder with Jon’s parents on Sunday (working around a business trip), and as the youngest child who was not Sam, Nathan was given the job of hiding the afikomen. He did so (in plain sight, … Continue reading

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Present-making machine

Nathan drew a bunch of complicated machine-like pictures at school for Auntie Sarah. While she was over, he started combining all the pictures into this huge present-making machine; it has two spouts, and other than that I have no idea … Continue reading

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Sad face

This is a sad baby. I think I never took a picture of Nathan like this, probably because I took his 2-year-old tantrums far too seriously. Which was dumb, because this is the most adorable sad face in the world.

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Are you ready, mommy!?

Sam is playing a game where he loads up a plastic strawberry on the scoop and then watches in delighted anticipation as it slowly tips down while repeatedly asking me “Are you ready?! Are you ready mommy?!” After we picked … Continue reading

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flying saucer

Nathan made this little flying saucer at school a month or so ago. They had them decorating the dress-up area for the space unit, so he just got to take it home yesterday. He immediately decided that it needed a … Continue reading

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Cannon boomer

From left to right: a cannon boomer and a turner gun. The cannon boomer goes “pbbt pbbt” and the turner gun goes “pe-ow! pe-ow!”

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