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Maker Space and Los Altos

A few weeks ago we went to an open house for a Maker Space being set up at Barron Park Elementary. Last week, we all went to see Nathan’s class and the other two third grade classes perform after a … Continue reading

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August summary

The biggest event of August was our trip to Michigan to say goodbye to Grandma and Gramps’s house. We spent a lot of time playing Hide-and-Seek and everyone concluded that Grandma and Gramps’s house is the ultimate Hide-and-Seek house. Most … Continue reading

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July Summary

For the fourth of July we went to Matt’s house for a party. While playing on the indoor basketball court, Sam made friends with two young women (probably early twenties) named Pearl and Vanessa. He latched onto them and hung … Continue reading

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Preschool visit

Sam and I visited his old preschool this afternoon.  He was so happy to see his friends, especially Liam and Huxley. When we got there, we stopped outside the fence for a little bit to talk to Teacher Joella, who … Continue reading

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Into the Woods

Tonight we took the boys to see Into the Woods, Jr. performed by teenagers at the Palo Alto Children’s Theater.  The play itself suffers a lot in the alteration to the “Jr.” version – no second act, Rapunzel makes no … Continue reading

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June Summary

The big event for June was our second annual trip to Disneyland and Legoland.  We all got horribly sick at various points on the trip, but other than that we had a pretty amazing time.  On the first night at … Continue reading

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May summary

I’ve once again fallen way behind, so I’m going to try to do a post for each of the past few months to get us up to date. This is May. Somehow or other we wound up with lots of … Continue reading

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Weekly wrap-up

A while ago, Grandma and Gramps gave Nathan a pogo stick.  Having inherited essentially no sense of balance from either side of the family, Nathan initially didn’t take to it too well.  However, Nathan’s friend Ren came over for a … Continue reading

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Things too fast for me to capture effectively in a photo

Ryan and I spent last week in Michigan sorting through our old stuff in preparation for Mom and Dad’s upcoming move to California.  The end result was hundreds of photographs, lots of discarded art projects, and Ryan and I coming … Continue reading

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We had a slightly early Passover seder at Beeba and Zayde’s today.  On the drive there, I was pretending to be Rosalyn (Calvin’s babysitter from Calvin and Hobbes).  “Rosalyn” has mellowed recently, so she was being pretty nice.  Nathan explained … Continue reading

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